Joe Doesn’t Believe in the Constitution

“No amendment in the Constitution is absolute.” – Joe Biden – (sadly) President of the United States.

Dear Mr. President,

I’m going to assume that, despite copious evidence, you aren’t mentally declining…rapidly. If that’s not the case, then I can only come to the conclusion that you haven’t read the Constitution of the United States of America. It’s appalling to watch you attempt to govern, not through the mechanisms that provide the foundation of our Republic, but by Executive Order. When you try to push our Constitution aside, with the help of your mainstream media sycophants, you are splitting our country apart. You are a liar. Yea, you are probably senile, but you’re also a LIAR.

You really don’t understand that the American people don’t get our rights from the Constitution, it GUARANTEES that the Government CAN’T infringe on our rights. Didn’t you know that? I know you were near the bottom of both your college and law school classes (even though you had said you were near the top – again, you were found to be lying), but how in the world did you graduate from EITHER with such little knowledge of our nation’s founding?

Oh, and by the way, in your appearance, you also said the First Amendment doesn’t mean you can “yell ‘Fire’ in a crowded theatre.” Are you really that stupid? The Supreme Court said the Constitution’s First Amendment says you can. You’ve been in Government for over 50 years. How about getting a copy of the Constitution and reading it while you’re having your 5 o’clock tapioca?

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