Hunter Biden – Worst Presidential Son, Ever?

Every family has troubles.

Every family has a black sheep.

ZeroHedge reports that Britain’s Daily Mail has, a few days after Hunter Biden’s new book was published, more to the story…With even MORE to come.

Hunter Biden, however, HAS GOT to be in the top (or bottom) 1% of troubled black sheep. The truth is, however, there have been a number of Presidential kids who were trouble:

Amy Carter – Protested against Apartheid on college campuses, and got kicked out of Brown University for NO KEEPING UP WITH HER CLASS AND HOMEWORK. Oh, the horror.

Alice Roosevelt – She was Teddy Roosevelt’s daughter, and she often smoked IN PUBIC, chewed chewing gum IN PUBLIC and carried her pet snake to parties.

Quentin Roosevelt – He was Teddy’s youngest. Clearly, TR might share the “Bad Dad” title with PedoJoe, because Quentin and his buddies carved a baseball diamond in the grass at the WH, and he carried snakes around too (what the hell was with the snakes?), often while on roller skates in the WH. And by the way, except for filmmaker Quentin Tarantino, you just don’t come across that name enough, these days.

Patti Davis – Ronald Reagan’s daughter protested against his policies and lived in sin with a guitar player for the Eagles, Bernie Leadon.

Tad Lincoln – Honest Abe’s kid actually had a yard sale, selling some of his parents’ clothes (just imagine how much Don Jr. and Eric could have made with a yard sale of Melania’s clothes), and was known to ride a goat through the White House.

Barbara and Jenna Bush – The Bush twins were cited by the cops for underage drinking, and often TRIED to ditch their Secret Service guards by running red lights.

John Payne Todd is the closest Presidential son we have to Hunter. He was the son of Dolly Madison, from her first marriage and was adopted by President James Madison. He lost all his family money drinking and gambling, and actually spent some time in debtor’s prison.

The only things Hunter has on John Payne Todd, however, is the drug use, the prostitutes, the porn videos with possibly underage girls, the bribes from China, Russia and the Ukraine, getting kicked out of the Naval Reserve for drugs, fathering a baby with a stripper while living with his dead brother’s widow and lying on the Federal Background Check form when he bought a gun.

I guess you could say that Hunter’s not the only Presidential kid who has caused trouble, but he’s definitely the #1 Worst Presidential Son, and it’s a HELL of a long way to second place.

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