Corrupt Biden DOJ’s Assault on Local Law Enforcement Continues

ZeroHedge covers the latest absurdity coming out of the tie-wearing thugs who are the Biden administration’s muscle.

The takeaway? If you’re a cop, if you are in the vicinity of something the BLM-idiots don’t like, the feds will come after you.

To the American people who allow this racist nonsense to continue:

Police officers everywhere are being told that if a convicted felon, in the middle of a drug deal that’s being interrupted by Law Enforcement, eats all the evidence, overdoses and dies, and you are nearby, the corrupt federal government will prosecute YOU. They will do this, not because you have any culpability, but because the criminals in charge of our government are pandering to an ignorant, racist drug anti-culture. This thuggish underworld doesn’t produce anything but crime and misery, but somehow have gotten their hooks into the corrupt officials who have installed themselves in our Capitol and built a wall to keep freedom-loving, Constitutional Patriots out.

If you are a police officer, please find another way to support yourself and your family. Whether you are black or white, the criminals who have taken control of our country are in the employ of BLM, and the two roads ahead of you lead to either a greater chance of prison (if you do your job and protect the public), or corruption (if you give in and become a BLM stooge oppressor). 

You deserve better. At some point, if you are a brave, ethical, honorable peace officer, you will find yourself surrounded by criminals, gun-thugs and lovers of violence. If you wait until then, you will have to choose between joining them in reserving your place in Hell, or becoming their victim. When a police department reaches the corruption tipping point, it’s either join the corrupt, or die.

Just look at the history of the Philadelphia PD. Now that the federal government is involved, it will happen much quicker and will be much more deadly.

ZeroHedge: Derek Chauvin, Three Other Ex-Cops Indicted On Civil Rights Charges In Death Of George Floyd

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