An End to the Obama Years

The voters (at least those who actually voted) have spoken. Donald Trump will be the 44th President of the United States. Already, the left is bringing out the 3 Cs (complaining, crying and cursing). I predict a delicious irony. Hillary Clinton will do exactly that which she lectured Trump about in the third debate. She will do her best to disrupt, or even overturn an orderly transition of power. I believe a measure of a person’s integrity is how they deal with irony, a fancy way of saying “do they walk the walk or simply talk the talk?”

I hope I’m wrong, and she congratulates President-Elect Trump and asks her supporters to get behind the legally elected Trump.

I’m lying. I hope she does exactly what she scornfully predicted her opponent would do, self-righteously pledging that OF COURSE if she were to SOMEHOW lose SHE would do so graciously. I hope she’s a sore loser, and shows the world just how dishonest and dishonorable she is.  

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