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  • Comey Firing

    Feeb Director James Comey got the ax from the President a couple days ago, and my first thought was: What took you so long, Mr. President?

    Seriously, the guy was either the dumbest G-Man in history, or the worst politician ever. You gotta hand it to him, though. In a matter of weeks, he was able to have everyone calling for his head. He screwed the Republicans over in July, then in October, screwed Hillary and the Democrats. In the former, he mystified the Right when he did a 12 minute run up to a big, multi-charge indictment of Hillary Clinton for keeping top secret emails on an un-secured, private server, owned by a “mom and pop” hosting company and located in their freaking bathroom closet. Yea. A bathroom closet. After subpeonas hit, Hillary had emails destroyed, lied about what they were, etc…

    In the July press conference, Comey builds up this impressive list of crimes committed by Hillary against the citizens of the United States, and then…Says no prosecutor in their right mind would charge her, even though they can prove these crimes.


    The Right exploded. The Left talked about how great Comey is, and how he should not only be the FBI Director, he probably should be granted sainthood, and maybe a Heisman Trophy or something like that. 

    In a sense, given the Clinton body count, he’s right. No sane prosecutor would tempt fate. But to say it? And then, you have Bill Clinton visiting Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s plane in Phoenix, but only to talk about their grandkids. Right. Actually, that could be true, if the conversation went something like this:

    Bill Clinton: Would you like to see your grandkids again?

    Loretta Lynch: Yes.

    Bill Clinton: Well, then make sure you don’t indict my wife.

    Then, when it looked like Trump may actually win the thing, in October, Comey decides to hold another presses. In this one, he tells us that: Oh, hey. We’re still looking into Hillary’s email thing. Looks pretty bad.

    Now, the Left Explodes, and the Right gushes about how honorable the guy is, and how lucky we are he got into law enforcement, instead of playing for the NBA (he’s 6’8″) because he’d obviously be better than Michael Jordan, LeBraun James and Steph Curry, all put together. In fact, he only played intramural basketball at William and Mary College. The Right loved him.

    Basically, in the second half of 2016, everyone in Washington, DC spent some time hating Jim Comey.

    The truth of the matter is this: There is no evidence of collusion between Trump and the Russians. None. Trump fired James Comey because he was incompetent, and really screwed up, overstepping his role as Director of the FBI, making decisions that were not his to make (much to Loretta Lynch’s relief, I’m sure), and generally being a dipshit. The Left wants to equate Trump’s firing of him with Watergate, for the love of God. Obviously, these numbnuts have no idea what Watergate was, because there are no parallels at all. But, as dumb as the people in the media are, they are still much smarter than most of the American Public, and that’s the real heart of the problem.

  • Secretary of State Mitt Bleeping Romney?



    Caricature of Mitt Romney Courtesy of DonkeyHotey (click image to visit)

    Actually, no. Mitt Romney will not be the next Secretary of State. Nor will he be the Secretary of the Treasury, Attorney General or Secretary of Defense. He’s not going to run Homeland Security, Transportation or Health and Human Services.

    My best guess? President-Elect Donald Trump will appoint Mitt Romney to the important position of Secretary of Kiss my entire ever-lovin’ ass. At least that’s my hope.

    Romney showed a disgusting lack of faith in the American people, or more accurately, Conservative America. He was so arrogant, it wasn’t enough to simply stay out of it and keep his beliefs (or lack thereof) to himself, he had to speak them, over and over again. He insulted and maligned Trump so horribly, it caused massive jaw-droppage when he mentioned Romney as a possible SecState.

    “Has Trump lost his mind?” many asked. Not the first time that question has been floated. No, he hasn’t lost his mind. He’s simply putting a faithless, rabid dog down in such a way that it won’t be coming back. Let me explain.

    Some said it was payback for The Donald. Romney dissed Trump, so the “never forget” Trump is simply leading Mitt around by the nose, before dashing his hopes and telling him, “no, you can’t have that job, Mitt. Psych!

    No, that would be the selfish thing for Trump to do. What he’s really doing, I believe, is showing us all how faithless, two-faced and truly stupid Romney is. He’s allowing Romney to, after getting a wink from Trump, completely reversing himself, put the flip-flop in the public eye, making it impossible to miss. Think about it. After seeing Romney go from “Trump is the worst” to “Yay Trump!” does he have more or less credibility with you? He lies pretty well, doesn’t he? The problem is, which is the lie?

    And that’s how Donald is outplaying Romney. He recognized, in the failed Mormon Republican candidate, that the man’s hunger for power and overconfidence in his winning smile, someone who wouldn’t think twice about doing a 180 reversal. It also shows how little Mitt thinks of you and me, that we’ll believe any bullshit he’s spouting at the moment, because he’s just that smart, just that good.


    Mitt Romney is a modern day robber baron. He makes buttloads of money by destroying, not producing anything. His Bain Capital makes money buying businesses that own assets that can be sold off, regardless of the effect it has on the business or the people who work there. Bain Capital is the worst kind of business, a parasite that feeds on the life force of a business, then moves on when they’ve extracted everything they can from it.

    I know this because I worked for a company that was purchased by Bain, and watched them completely destroy it. What they did that wasn’t dishonest was simply stupid. The whole fiasco has cost thousands of hardworking people their livelihoods, damaging or destroying many of their families. It will end, just like planned, in bankruptcy, where thousands more will be left holding the bag, suppliers, creditors and employees all having to kick in to allow the Bain principles their payday.

    No, Donald Trump isn’t about to let Mitt Romney into his cabinet, but he wasn’t satisfied to let him off the hook to lie again. If Romney wasn’t a joke before this, he sure is now.

  • An End to the Obama Years

    The voters (at least those who actually voted) have spoken. Donald Trump will be the 44th President of the United States. Already, the left is bringing out the 3 Cs (complaining, crying and cursing). I predict a delicious irony. Hillary Clinton will do exactly that which she lectured Trump about in the third debate. She will do her best to disrupt, or even overturn an orderly transition of power. I believe a measure of a person’s integrity is how they deal with irony, a fancy way of saying “do they walk the walk or simply talk the talk?”

    I hope I’m wrong, and she congratulates President-Elect Trump and asks her supporters to get behind the legally elected Trump.

    I’m lying. I hope she does exactly what she scornfully predicted her opponent would do, self-righteously pledging that OF COURSE if she were to SOMEHOW lose SHE would do so graciously. I hope she’s a sore loser, and shows the world just how dishonest and dishonorable she is.  

  • Trump’s Opportunity

    imageThe debate Sunday is an opportunity for Donald Trump to break it open and win the election.

    Hillary will pounce on him, thinking he’s done. All Trump needs to do is apologize one more time, act contrite while reminding the audience that he said these things 11 years ago. They were horrible things to say, and yes, guys, when talking among themselves sometimes get out of hand.

    In the end, they were just words. Hillary helping her husband actually ACT in the way he did while in office and get away with it, destroying women in the process is so much more evil than locker room talk.

    Hillary’s people probably don’t understand that this thing frees Trump up to pull out all the stops. A politician, in something like this, would do the presser, wife standing by in a supporting manner, and then disappear for awhile, to allow the public to forget. They will expect Donald to use this strategy, but he shouldn’t. He needs to make the distinction between locker room talk and real criminality.

    Donald should ask these questions:

    “Could the stupid thing I said 11 years ago trigger an FBI investigation like so many things SHE has done has?”

    “Did my loud mouth result in the deaths of anyone in service to our country, like her actions did in the Bengazi attack?”

    “Did my stupid, offensive talk hide the true acts of a sexual predator, and destroy the lives of women who made the mistake of revealing what the predator did to them?”

    In short, Trump needs to separate his words from himself while being completely accountable for them. Only then can they be seen to be microscopic in importance to the corrupt, evil and traitorous actions of his opponent. He has the opportunity to make them pay for bringing this up, if he handles it correctly.