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  • Infowars and the Matrix

    I’m a fan of Alex Jones. Sure, I’ve heard the critics. “Alex Jones is a CIA shill,” and “Alex Jones is really Bill Hicks.” There is some interesting evidence for that one that includes possible slips on the air, photographs that suggest the comedian Hicks, who died several years ago became the fledgling radio talk host Jones in a CIA/Powers-That-Be disinformation project to discredit opposition to the status quo, but I don’t know. As whacky as Alex seems at times, e seems sincere to me. Until I’m presented with conclusive proof he’s not what he seems to be, I’m going to listen to him and fairly evaluate and consider what he says.

    Lately, he’s been talking about the extremely strange embracing some mainstream institutions and people have done to the theory that we all live in a computer simulation. The idea has been tossed around for quite some time, even before The Matrix film trilogy premiered.

    In a nutshell, here’s the theory:

    You and everything you see and experience happens in a computer simulation. Humans (as in the films) may, or may not be real, flesh and blood organisms that live in a real, physical world. The reality we experience, however, is all computer generated. Evidence for this is extensive, and for quite some time has even included the findings certain scientists have released that seem to show we’re all living as The Sims (a computer game).

    Most recently, Bank of America, released a statement that there’s a better than 50% chance that’s exactly what’s happening! Why a financial institution would research, let alone announce that is beyond me. Go descend down the rabbit hole a little further, many who embrace the concept suggest that if we are living in a simulation, the creators of our simulation are probably the creation of another society, who may be simulations themselves. How deep this goes is anyone’s guess.

    Alex Jones, in bringing the concept into his wheelhouse, is further extending the boundaries of his strangeness. Not saying he’s wrong, mind you (I have a serious belief in the possibility of all this), it’s just odd he would move in this direction.

    Worth watching and considering.