• Infowars and the Matrix

    I’m a fan of Alex Jones. Sure, I’ve heard the critics. “Alex Jones is a CIA shill,” and “Alex Jones is really Bill Hicks.” There is some interesting evidence for that one that includes possible slips on the air, photographs that suggest the comedian Hicks, who died several years ago became the fledgling radio talk host Jones in a CIA/Powers-That-Be disinformation project to discredit opposition to the status quo, but I don’t know. As whacky as Alex seems at times, e seems sincere to me. Until I’m presented with conclusive proof he’s not what he seems to be, I’m going to listen to him and fairly evaluate and consider what he says.

    Lately, he’s been talking about the extremely strange embracing some mainstream institutions and people have done to the theory that we all live in a computer simulation. The idea has been tossed around for quite some time, even before The Matrix film trilogy premiered.

    In a nutshell, here’s the theory:

    You and everything you see and experience happens in a computer simulation. Humans (as in the films) may, or may not be real, flesh and blood organisms that live in a real, physical world. The reality we experience, however, is all computer generated. Evidence for this is extensive, and for quite some time has even included the findings certain scientists have released that seem to show we’re all living as The Sims (a computer game).

    Most recently, Bank of America, released a statement that there’s a better than 50% chance that’s exactly what’s happening! Why a financial institution would research, let alone announce that is beyond me. Go descend down the rabbit hole a little further, many who embrace the concept suggest that if we are living in a simulation, the creators of our simulation are probably the creation of another society, who may be simulations themselves. How deep this goes is anyone’s guess.

    Alex Jones, in bringing the concept into his wheelhouse, is further extending the boundaries of his strangeness. Not saying he’s wrong, mind you (I have a serious belief in the possibility of all this), it’s just odd he would move in this direction.

    Worth watching and considering.


  • David Clarke – Hero Sheriff

    Sheriff David Clarke

    Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee, Wisconsin is a true Patriot. Don Lemon interviewed him on CNN recently, showing the network’s true colors. As Sheriff Clarke said, there is no question that Black Lives Matter killed eight cops in two weeks. Lemon tried to claim it wasn’t clear that the Baton Rouge shooter had anything to do with the group. Sure, Gavin Long was present at the Dallas shooting that left five police officers dead. Sure, he had made YouTube videos promoting the Black Sovereign movement. But, Lemon couldn’t seem to connect those dots?


    What Clarke communicated so well, was that at some point, you have to speak what you know. It’s not necessary to have the answer to every question raised by an event, you just have to use common sense. After a point, pretending you are noble and above the fray makes you part of the problem. A BIG part of the problem. Don Lemon, and his type, are part of the problem. They give those who seek to upset our way of life and kill us cover and concealment, protecting them.

    As Sheriff Clarke stated, at the top of this mountain of destruction is our own President. Obama calls the massacre in San Bernadino “workplace violence.” A radical Muslim who murders the same co-workers who had thrown him and his wife a baby shower, is a terrorist. He isn’t a dissatisfied employee. He is an Islamic Terrorist. When a jihadist killed 84 people in Nice, France with a box truck, it wasn’t “road rage.” It was murder. God bless France for calling the attack what it was, a terrorist attack.

    What America needs, is leadership like Sheriff David Clarke, men and women who tell the truth. We need leaders who aren’t afraid of offending those who object to the truth revealed. Unfortunately, Washington, DC is full of those pretenders who don’t want the truth told. They are in it for themselves, not for us, and it is up to us to defeat them, removing them from positions of power.

    It’s my hope that electing Donald Trump in November is the beginning of this victory for America. If we are able to take the Nation’s highest office away from the Beltway elite, hope will be alive.

  • What I Learned About Whistle Blowing


    Never before, have so few kept secrets from so many.

    We live in a world on a precipice. Maybe the precipice. There are so many existential issues confronting our society today, it’s hard to know which to pay serious attention to, and which to tune out. Financial breakdown, terrorism, political corruption, even the theory that a giant planet, traveling in a 3,600 year orbit around our sun, there’s a lot to worry about today. The good news (if that’s an appropriate way to look at it), is that regardless of the issue, someone somewhere knows what’s going on. Many of them have a whistle in their hand, and some of them are good people who want the rest of us to know the truth. A few of those good people have the courage necessary to blow their whistle and warn us.

    But how many do? Not enough.

    I am a whistleblower, and despite the fact it cost me a career I’d worked hard to attain, I believe it was the right thing to do, but I made a serious mistake.

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  • “Wrong Way” Feldman about to do it again

    imageFor some reason, one of the TV characters who stuck in my mind over the decades is the incompetent pilot, “Wrong Way Feldman,” from Gilligan’s Island. he made history for something like being the first man to fly across the Atlantic while trying to be the first to fly from the East Coast to the West. But he, as you would guess, went the wrong way.”

    I’m constantly reminded of the great aviator every time our President does something 180 degrees opposed to what is right, moral or even logical. A great example is whatever he plans to do by Executive Order with regard to gun control.

    Only a liar, madman or politician would respond to two avowed middle-eastern terrorists shooting up an office, killing 14 people by saying “we need more gun control.” No, Mr. President, in edition to higher standards for elected offcials, what we need is terrorist control. Such as, don’t  let anyone from countries where Sharia Law is the rule into this country.

    it’s not really worth arguing about, because it’s so simple. Easier access to personal protection weapons is what’s needed, not less access. Boil it down to this:

    How many Americans have been killed by middle-easterners? How many have been killed by law-abiding Americans with  concealed carry permits? If the issue was truly about stopping the killing, the way forward is clear.

  • Strict Gun Laws = Mass Shootings

    defenseless-zoneAs America watches coverage of yet another mass shooting tragedy, gun owners shake our heads and grit out teeth because we know the ugly topic of gun control will raise its head again. But mapping where these horrible events take place clearly shows that tough gun laws at best, do nothing to keep them from happening and at worst, create an environment that allows those who wish to use guns against innocents to do so with little impediment.

    Look at the most recent incidents:

    December 2, 2015: San Bernardino, California

    November 27, 2015: Colorado Springs, Colorado

    November 22, 2015: New Orleans, Louisiana (17 people shot, though you may not have heard about it. None died, and the suspect arrested was African-American, which doesn’t fit the left’s narrative about gun-owning white racists being the most likely to kill).

    December 14, 2012: Sandy Hook, Connecticut

    So, what do these shootings have in common? Well, they all occurred in states that already have some of the country’s strictest gun laws. According to this article on the Deseret News website, the 10 states with the toughest gun laws include Connecticut, at #5 and California at #1. The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence gives letter grades to each state, the more restrictions placed on legal ownership of firearms, the higher the grade. Connecticut and California both get As, and Colorado gets a C. Louisiana in 2013 was given an F, by the way.

    no gunsThe point is, when you block law-abiding citizens from owning and carrying guns, you render them defenseless. Anyone planning to kill innocent citizens are clearly not worried about breaking gun laws, which do nothing but assure criminals and terrorists that they will not meet any civilian opposition. Anywhere there is an armed populace has a certain level of protection built in. A gun-free state is an easy mark. A society where carrying is common, not so much. I always issue an ironic chuckle when I see a “Gun Free Zone” sign posted at a school or business. They might as well post “Defenseless lambs ready for the slaughter” signs instead.

    Unfortunately, that common sense idea is apparently beyond the intellectual abilities of gun control advocates, but that doesn’t mean we can’t keep trying to get them to see the light.

  • ESPN shows what is wrong in America today

    I don’t watch a lot of sports. I was an athlete in high school and college. I follow college basketball, but quite frankly, I don’t have the extra time necessary for any additional involvement. If I watched much ESPN today, I would immediately stop. I rarely say something like this, but the numbnuts who run ESPN are idiots. Stupid. Mental midgets. If they were smart enough to actually be enrolled in any school, they’d never make it, because with their limited level of intelligence, they’d never be able to figure out how to get on the short bus. I’d comment on their habit of moving their lips while reading, but of course, I can’t imagine they’ve mastered either skills, lip movement OR reading. I spent a quarter of a century in broadcasting, both as talent and management and assure you that TV people are the dumbest folks in broadcasting, and ESPN management obviously the dumbest people in TV.

    Okay, I think I’ve made my point. In addition to having a collective IQ that can be expressed in a single digit, their most recent fiasco places them so far beneath contempt, if I could, I would no longer use the letters “E,” “S,” “P,” or “N” in anything I write.

    From here on, the network’s initials will, for me, stand for “Evil Sock Puppets and Numbnuts.”

    Great Major League pitcher Kurt Schilling tweeted this:

    Embedded image permalink

    Other clueless nitTwits barfed their outrage, saying Schilling was comparing Muslims to Nazis. Really? I’d simplify the tweet so you can better understand it, but it’s about as simple as it could possibly be. The point is valid. Those who say “hey, the bad Muslims are a small percentage of the total.” Yea, we know. Only a small percentage of Germans were members of the Nazi party, but that didn’t stop evil from taking root and creating a holocaust.

    Muslim extremists are murdering Christians, Jews and even moderate, peace loving Muslims. Islamic extremism is a cult of death, and wants their Islamic theocracy to rule the Earth. If they get that, if you are not as extreme as them, you will have three choices:

    1. Convert to radical Islam.

    2. Pay a tax.

    3. Beheading.

    By all means, ESPN, lets be politically correct. Don’t you understand how they laugh at you?

  • Double Standard

    This is a very good point. The nutball on the left, clearly emotionally troubled, motivated the government of South Carolina to forsake and hide a piece of their history. This crazy kid, because he (or someone else who may or may not have had any connection with him) photoshopped a Confederate battle flag into a picture, replacing a beer bottle, was the justification for a further rewriting of history, by reinforcing the incorrect opinion that the Civil War was all about the elimination of slavery (it wasn’t). Slavery was wrong, but Lincoln’s freeing of the slaves was more about destroying the South’s economy than it was about doing the right thing, but that’s another topic for another day.

    Meanwhile, the scumbag on the right, clearly inspired by and acting on the behalf of Islamic Terrorism, kills four unarmed Marines, and he’s considered a “lone wolf,” just a crazy guy who did a crazy kid thing.

    Truly disgusting, and as far as the alternative press and Patriot movement is concerned, another example of our government’s treason against the people of the United States. While I completely understand that particular take on the matter, I’m not convinced it’s the whole truth. Sure, I wish our leaders would call it what it is, but I think it’s a mistake not to give the government the benefit of the doubt, inasmuch as it serves the cause to change the way it communicates about radical Islamic terrorism.

    Americans, to the rest of the world, are a bit of an enigma. For the most part, we are a kind and gentle people, always concerned about doing what’s right, fair to a fault. But, when we are unleashed and the way forward clear and unambiguous, we are the most single minded, bloodthirsty people alive. I think it’s possible that the President and his administration knows this, and understands that once he unleashes America on the followers of Islam, it will on, mos def. The Ninth Crusade.

    I think, like many, it should be go time.


  • A Jade Helm 15 Primer

    Unless you’ve already fled to your bug-out location, you have almost certainly heard of the upcoming US Special Forces exercise Jade Helm 15, set to launch this summer in a select number of States. Designed to “improve the Special Operations Forces’ UW (Urban Warfare) capability as pat of the National Security Strategy .”

    Jade Helm begins on 15, July and runs for eight weeks, wrapping up on 15, September, in the following states:

    • Texas
    • New Mexico
    • Arizona
    • California
    • Utah
    • Colorado

    The exercise is unprecendented in its size, scope and amount of discussion among the civiilian populaton. The vast majority of American citizens who know about it, are at the very least, concerned by the possible goals and ramifications of a military drill that puts American soldiers on the streets of the United States, training to confront and contain their countrymen. Many, already worried about the militarization of police departments taking place, are adding their voices to those who are quick to point out the illegality of American military forces operating in the U.S. The Insurrecton Act of 1807 puts limits on the ability of POTUS (President of the United States) to legally deploy troops on American soil. To do so, he needs a serous event in order to consider it, such as an invasion by a foreign power, or serious and widespread “lawlessness, insurrection and/or rebellion.”

    The Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 gives some pretty sharp teeth to the Insurrection Act by providing penalties for the unauthorized deployment of American Military forces in the Continental U.S. (CONUS). Authorized deployment of forces requires either the Federal troops engaged in repelling an invasion of one or more of the states by a foreign beligerent, or a request from the Governor or Legislature of the state involved for Federal troops to intervene in a case of serious civil disobedience.

    Of course, according to the Pentagon, Jade Helm 15 is training, not deployment persay, and training operations are conducted in the Homeland all of the time. Of course, that training is conducted on Federal land, owned for the very  purpose of training our soldiers to fight. Jade Helm 15 is to be conducted off of Federal land, in public, and in some cases, on private property. So, the question becomes what is the meaning of “deployment?”


  • The Meaning Behind Jade Helm

    Speculation is swirling around the coming Special Forces exercise “Jade Helm,” slated to be held in several American states in the months of July, August and September of this year. It’s not hard to find hours of video and published intelligence pointing to an operation that’s even close to what the military is claiming it is. One of the thenes embedded in most of the credible information is that the U.S. Government is preparing to deal with loyal, Constitution-supporting Americans as potentially belligerent insurgents. 

    The name of the operation, “Jade Helm” is the object of much discussion, even though the Government insists it’s simply a random, made-up title. What follows is an excellent analysis of the Jade Force moniker, and the op’s strange logo that depicts traditional U.S. Army Green Beret imagry along with a ghostly clog, a French wooden shoe. The video’s author makes the very believable case that an Army light colonel, speaking to a group of concerned citizens in Bastroup County (Texas), where part of the op is to take place, is lying every time he opens his condescending mouth to explain. 

    Watch it, share it, repeat.

  • Time Travel and Hitler

    Probably my favorite sci-fi genre is Time Travel. Loved the classic A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle, and more recently, The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger. My first published novel was Time Flying (written under the name Dan Garmen). A common storyline in the genre involves using a time machine to travel back to Adolph Hitler’s early days and killing him, or as some writers believe, killing his mother while she’s pregnant with the future Fuhrer. I saw a documentary recently about Hitler and his rise to power that was eye-opening, and it gave me an idea that I might pursue in a future work, maybe even the in-progress sequel to Time Flying, tentatively titled Passed Lives.

    Adolph Hitler didn’t just come into being, a fully formed anti-semite tyrant-in-training. In fact, the circumstances that led to the Holocaust were unique and highly improbable, and include an ironic twist that I was shocked to have never heard before. I understand why history hasn’t focused on this irony, but it’s a bit shocking nevertheless.

    Most people know Hitler wasn’t even German. He was born in Austria. Many also know he was a failed artist before joining the German Army to fight in World War I. Looking at the young Hitler’s art work, I have to admit, he was pretty good, but apparently not good enough for the prestigious Vienna Academy of Art. Modern day experts say Hitler was moderately talented, but without any “latent genius.” After being turned down twice for admission, and not even allowed to sit for the entrance exam, Germany’s future ruler ended up living a bohemian life on the street, living for a time at a men’s hostel. Finally, he joined the Army as Germany entered the War.

    Hitler served bravely, and was wounded twice, the first time in 1916, the second two years later. It was that second injury that some historians believe changed the world in horrible ways. With corporal stripes on his arm, Hitler was serving as a message runner, highly dangerous work that involved delivering orders and messages. While delivering a message, the trench complex Hitler was in came under gas attack, and he was severely wounded. Recovery took a long time, requiring both physical and emotional therapy. Research has shown that the mustard gas used in the attack Hitler was injured in can cause serious damage to the brain that can lead to behavioral and personality changes.

    Angered at Germany’s surrender, Hitler came out of the war damaged, angry and humiliated by the defeat, and even more so by the harsh penalties imposed on Germany by the Allied powers. Even though he showed no animosity toward Jews before the war, after, he began to believe they had caused the war, and pretty much all the problems in the world. There’s a case to be made that Hitler’s anti-Jewish fanaticism was caused by a gas attack. A British gas attack no less.

    Being a fanatic hater is one thing, but being a fanatic hater with incredibly persuasive communication skills is much rarer. World War Two and the Holocaust could, at least in part, be a result of such a communicator suffering brain damage from a British gas attack. So, I understand the whole “travel in time and try to kill Hitler before he rises to power” thing, but I think there’s a simpler solution.

    If I had a time machine, I’d use it, travel back to about 1910, and do everything I could to help Hitler get accepted to art school. He becomes an artist, draws mediocre pictures all day, and enjoys his bohemian life that doesn’t involve getting bombed in gas attacks, or attempting to conquer the world and kill all the Jews.

    I’ll let you know how it works out.