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    This is a very good point. The nutball on the left, clearly emotionally troubled, motivated the government of South Carolina to forsake and hide a piece of their history. This crazy kid, because he (or someone else who may or may not have had any connection with him) photoshopped a Confederate battle flag into a picture, replacing a beer bottle, was the justification for a further rewriting of history, by reinforcing the incorrect opinion that the Civil War was all about the elimination of slavery (it wasn’t). Slavery was wrong, but Lincoln’s freeing of the slaves was more about destroying the South’s economy than it was about doing the right thing, but that’s another topic for another day.

    Meanwhile, the scumbag on the right, clearly inspired by and acting on the behalf of Islamic Terrorism, kills four unarmed Marines, and he’s considered a “lone wolf,” just a crazy guy who did a crazy kid thing.

    Truly disgusting, and as far as the alternative press and Patriot movement is concerned, another example of our government’s treason against the people of the United States. While I completely understand that particular take on the matter, I’m not convinced it’s the whole truth. Sure, I wish our leaders would call it what it is, but I think it’s a mistake not to give the government the benefit of the doubt, inasmuch as it serves the cause to change the way it communicates about radical Islamic terrorism.

    Americans, to the rest of the world, are a bit of an enigma. For the most part, we are a kind and gentle people, always concerned about doing what’s right, fair to a fault. But, when we are unleashed and the way forward clear and unambiguous, we are the most single minded, bloodthirsty people alive. I think it’s possible that the President and his administration knows this, and understands that once he unleashes America on the followers of Islam, it will on, mos def. The Ninth Crusade.

    I think, like many, it should be go time.