The Meaning Behind Jade Helm

Speculation is swirling around the coming Special Forces exercise “Jade Helm,” slated to be held in several American states in the months of July, August and September of this year. It’s not hard to find hours of video and published intelligence pointing to an operation that’s even close to what the military is claiming it is. One of the thenes embedded in most of the credible information is that the U.S. Government is preparing to deal with loyal, Constitution-supporting Americans as potentially belligerent insurgents. 

The name of the operation, “Jade Helm” is the object of much discussion, even though the Government insists it’s simply a random, made-up title. What follows is an excellent analysis of the Jade Force moniker, and the op’s strange logo that depicts traditional U.S. Army Green Beret imagry along with a ghostly clog, a French wooden shoe. The video’s author makes the very believable case that an Army light colonel, speaking to a group of concerned citizens in Bastroup County (Texas), where part of the op is to take place, is lying every time he opens his condescending mouth to explain. 

Watch it, share it, repeat.