Thoughts (and Questions) On the Caravan

The Caravan is not just coming, it’s here. You only need to look at reports from the Mexican border city of Tijuana, to see that this horde, walking hundreds of miles in anticipation of finding an open door to the American Dream, is real, and here.

Watching the whole mess unfold raises a couple of questions for me

Where is the bulk of the horde going to hit? I’m starting to think it’s going to be the ass-end of San Diego, Tijuana (known to San Diegans as “TJ). It’s where the current action is, and they’re getting loads of press for it. But more importantly, I don’t think they want to be hitting the border where the Mexican cartels run their drugs and guns. A horde like that gets in the way, and the cartels will just start popping caps.

What’s with the flags? OK, if I’m going to show up to the border of another country, asking for asylum from an intolerable situation in my country of origin, and I’ve got a free hand to carry a flag, which one am I going to carry, an American flag, or the one of a country I’m fleeing? Why are so many carrying national symbols of countries they are fleeing? Makes no sense.

How many members of the horde really think the U.S. is simply going to open the gates and say “come on in?” Have they been promised something? What’s going to happen when they realize they’re not getting in? That’s when it all gets real ugly.

Only time will answer these questions, and the one thing I’m sure of is that we’re not going to like the answers.

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