Why We Need to Follow and Support President Trump

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Don’t waste him.

The real war is not between the Republicans and Democrats, or even Conservatives and Progressives. It’s not black v. white, or Illegals v. Americans.

It’s between the Political class and the People of our country. The Political class doesn’t want any of us anywhere near the levers of “their” power, and will do anything to stop non-politicians from getting a foothold in Washington, DC.

I saw subtle symptoms of this when I worked in the Washington media. I did mornings on a major radio station there, and when I first moved inside the beltway, lived in Arlington, Virginia, a short drive across the Key Bridge into the District. I would fly back to my previous home for the weekend every couple weeks until my then-fiance followed me. I remember having to hump my bags in from parking at National Airport (now Reagan, International), across an almost always virtually empty parking lot WITH a guard 24/7. I asked about it once, and was told it was for members of Congress, and was right next to the terminal. I never saw more than one or two cars parked there, a completely empty, lined slab of concrete I wasn’t allowed to park in. Over the years, I would see COUNTLESS examples of this sort of thing. All of it set up to make Congress’ life as easy as possible. Screw the rest of us.

Trump is that crazy-ass soldier who stands up, charges the line and flops down on the barbed wire, so the rest of the unit can follow, undeterred by the wire. The only way we get our country back is to follow him and charge the enemy, who is concentrating all their fire on him to keep anyone from following him against them. If we stand back and don’t follow, we sacrifice the brave crazy guy and lose the battle, which by the way, means we lose the war, because we won’t find another crazy-ass natural leader to lay down on that barbed wire if we let this sacrifice himself for nothing.

Remember: The war is US versus the POLITICAL CLASS. We have to get our kind elected, and open the supply roads to bring in more like us. It’s the only way we win.

Run for office. If that’s not you, work as a volunteer for someone you believe in and help them get elected.

Our Founding Fathers did not set the country up to be run by professional politicians. They expected local farmers, merchants, businessmen, etc. to go to Washington for a term or two and then stand aside. All continuity was to be supplied by the Senate. Why else would they set up a system that involved Congressional elections every two years? Think about how difficult it was to travel long distances in the 18th Century. There was a reason a new Congress was called every two years. It was supposed to be mostly made up of new members. 

Whether or not you fully support Donald Trump, don’t waste this guy who is laying across the barbed wire.


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