“Wrong Way” Feldman about to do it again

imageFor some reason, one of the TV characters who stuck in my mind over the decades is the incompetent pilot, “Wrong Way Feldman,” from Gilligan’s Island. he made history for something like being the first man to fly across the Atlantic while trying to be the first to fly from the East Coast to the West. But he, as you would guess, went the wrong way.”

I’m constantly reminded of the great aviator every time our President does something 180 degrees opposed to what is right, moral or even logical. A great example is whatever he plans to do by Executive Order with regard to gun control.

Only a liar, madman or politician would respond to two avowed middle-eastern terrorists shooting up an office, killing 14 people by saying “we need more gun control.” No, Mr. President, in edition to higher standards for elected offcials, what we need is terrorist control. Such as, don’t  let anyone from countries where Sharia Law is the rule into this country.

it’s not really worth arguing about, because it’s so simple. Easier access to personal protection weapons is what’s needed, not less access. Boil it down to this:

How many Americans have been killed by middle-easterners? How many have been killed by law-abiding Americans with  concealed carry permits? If the issue was truly about stopping the killing, the way forward is clear.