How Will Biden Get the Guns?

Joe Biden has called on Congress to work on gun legislation. It won’t work, for two reasons.

  1. They want to keep their cushy jobs, and the best way to lose those gigs, and all the benefits and fruits of the corruption is to strike at the heart of the Constitution.
  2. They don’t want to have to face their angry constituents at home, and they can’t stay behind their fences and razor wire 24/7/365.

The attack on the 2nd will be the fed govt’s undoing. The worst thing an organization that has no real muscle can do, is something that shows they have no power.

The govt’s power is solely contained in the citizen’s fear of being singled out and shamed/prosecuted/executed. The stupid-ass dumbest thing they can do is something they don’t have the capacity to accomplish.

Who is going to find and/or confiscate these guns, and arrest/try/imprison/execute those who had them?

The 1,700 BATF agents? For 150 million people (that’s about how many CLAIM to own guns), every BATF agent will have to check on 88,000 gun owners. And that’s one at a time. Let’s assume the BATF does a raid with 5 agents per raid. That’s half a million raids. Oh, wait. Say a third of the gun owners turn their gun(s) in. That’s almost 300,000 raids. If every BATF agent participated in a 5 man raid every single day of the year (no weekends/holidays/vacations), and were 100% effective, and never raided someone who didn’t give up guns, it would take them 3 years to do it.

So, no. Even if you add in the feebs, it won’t happen.

Local cops? Really? Forgetting that a bunch of states are saying they’ll be 2nd Amendment Sanctuary states, how many local Sheriffs and Police Chiefs are going to have their people stop policing, and start rounding up the guns for the “bosses” in DC? Nah.

Military? Even if Joe’s political appointees in the Pentagon agree to it, all the starched unis, with the medals they never earned all over their chests need boots on the ground, weapons locked and loaded. Do you really think that just because someone puts the country’s uniform on, they’ll agree to violate the Second Amendment rights of their countrymen?

But, let’s say they (somehow) get the military to do the job.

There are a bit over 1.5 million people in the military. About 10% of them (at the most) are as part of their job, trigger pullers/door kickers (and that includes armor crews, aviation, etc…). That means we’ve got maybe 150,000 personnel who will point their M4s at civilians in an effort to liberate their personal weapons (after giving up their own guns, by the way). Of course, that would require bringing all those troops home from abroad, as well.


Don’t even talk to me about using the National Guard and Reserves to do it. They’ll be even less likely want to do the job.

Okay, let’s assume we can round up enough door kickers to do this thing. The first group they’re going to have to deal with is FORMER MILITARY who represent a significant population of gun owners, and let’s face it, those guys aren’t the kind of gun owners who only have a .38 Special in the nightstand for protection. They often own, and are well-trained to use, military spec hardware. In addition, the United States today has the largest collection of retired, but still fighting age SpecOps (Special Forces) operators in the history of…well, the world. That is a decidedly unappealing group of targets, yet between the gun ownership and the perceived (ridiculous) extremest beliefs the politician morons talk about, they’ll be first up for confiscation. The problem is, the next-to-last thing DC wants to do is deal with the optics of going door-to-door against these guys. The LAST thing they want to do is give those proven patriots a serious reason say “enough.”

So, let’s say the DC area MENSA chapter decides, to forge ahead and take the guns away, without using the military or police. How the hell are they going to pull it off? Homeland Security? LOL. Can you imagine the basic TSA agent going door to door taking guns? Give me a break. Are they going to create a new branch of the military to confiscate weapons? Like Space Force? Hopefully, that would be the way they would go. It would take years to organize, select and train them. By that time, a more intelligent President will be in office, after this pack of clowns leave, with the economy and social structure of the USA in shambles. How hard will it be to find a smarter President, after the chaos we’re in now? Hell, you can do that with a Craig’s List ad.

The good news about this gun ban debacle, is that the majority of our population will realize why the Founders of our Nation decided the vast majority of important domestic decisions must be made by the states, not the clown troop in DC.

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