David Clarke – Hero Sheriff

Sheriff David Clarke

Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee, Wisconsin is a true Patriot. Don Lemon interviewed him on CNN recently, showing the network’s true colors. As Sheriff Clarke said, there is no question that Black Lives Matter killed eight cops in two weeks. Lemon tried to claim it wasn’t clear that the Baton Rouge shooter had anything to do with the group. Sure, Gavin Long was present at the Dallas shooting that left five police officers dead. Sure, he had made YouTube videos promoting the Black Sovereign movement. But, Lemon couldn’t seem to connect those dots?


What Clarke communicated so well, was that at some point, you have to speak what you know. It’s not necessary to have the answer to every question raised by an event, you just have to use common sense. After a point, pretending you are noble and above the fray makes you part of the problem. A BIG part of the problem. Don Lemon, and his type, are part of the problem. They give those who seek to upset our way of life and kill us cover and concealment, protecting them.

As Sheriff Clarke stated, at the top of this mountain of destruction is our own President. Obama calls the massacre in San Bernadino “workplace violence.” A radical Muslim who murders the same co-workers who had thrown him and his wife a baby shower, is a terrorist. He isn’t a dissatisfied employee. He is an Islamic Terrorist. When a jihadist killed 84 people in Nice, France with a box truck, it wasn’t “road rage.” It was murder. God bless France for calling the attack what it was, a terrorist attack.

What America needs, is leadership like Sheriff David Clarke, men and women who tell the truth. We need leaders who aren’t afraid of offending those who object to the truth revealed. Unfortunately, Washington, DC is full of those pretenders who don’t want the truth told. They are in it for themselves, not for us, and it is up to us to defeat them, removing them from positions of power.

It’s my hope that electing Donald Trump in November is the beginning of this victory for America. If we are able to take the Nation’s highest office away from the Beltway elite, hope will be alive.