Really? Piers Morgan on Fox?

I have to admit, there’s very little that shocks me these days, which makes a couple days ago such a special time. First of all, Piers Morgan on Fox? Really?

Well, I guess it shouldn’t surprise me. I mean, he lost his gig on CNN after his ridiculous attitude and views pretty much chased off the limited number of listeners to that pathetic network. So, he’s looking for another paycheck, and I guess the folks at Fox News figure hell, give him a shot. Look for him to redefine himself as a Second Amendment criticizing conservative. Yea, that’s right. “Conservative” with a small “c.”

The only thing that shocked me more than P.M. on Fox News what he and Tucker were talking about. The Dems latest crazy? They believe that convicted felons should be allowed to vote.

I kid you not. Check it out.

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